Hello friend!

It brings me great joy to tether your soul to Jesus’ great love; to give you tools, ideas, inspiration, and God-given words to help you deepen your connection with Him. I’m all about making space for you and God: to receive, to reflect, to relax, to reconcile, to reveal, to recognize, to relish.

This website is me making space in the cyber clutter to help you intentionally, boldly, and confidently map out and abide in the space you make for your soul to thrive in God’s hands in your busy life.

Through my seasons of teaching others to speak English in the US and abroad, raising children, suffering illness, college, catering, and leading at church I have found my constant in Christ’s calm. Making space to connect with God has never been easy for me, as I suspect it is not for you. I have learned the hard way how my soul suffers when I do not – to the point of forgetting who God made me to be beyond the duty of the various roles I acquired. In His mercy, and through the compassion of leaders who told me to take a year off from leading in order to tend to my soul, I have been rescued from crowded margins. He has led me into a spacious place (Psalm 18:19) and I invite you to the spacious place our Father has for you.

I am a quiet, reflective person who enjoys savoring color, tastes, and sounds. Taught and somewhat skilled at checking off that perennial to-do list, I rejuvenate my creative spirit in nature, silence, and silliness. My deepest joy, and that which fuels all that I do (see below), is to know our restoring Creator, to join Jesus in His redeeming enterprises and to witness His humbling magnificence.

Some things I’ve done:

Currently I am getting my Master’s of Ministry at Portland Seminary, proofread and edit, and take care of my family. I have a degree in classical music performance (bassoon!), taught English in post-Soviet Ukraine to Hungarians, taught refugees and immigrants in Ohio and Ontario, married my lovely, Dutch Christian Reformed Church (CRC) husband after “finding” each other at our mega (non-CRC) church, adopted my oldest from Kazakhstan, had two more children (which my OB/GYN classified as miracles), catered my way into many lives in Central Ohio, grown a jungle garden and learned how to eat what it gave. Having grown up going to church, I professed Jesus as my own Savior at 15 and have been involved in all kinds of ways with my church homes.

And what I believe:

All that the Apostle’s Creed and Nicene Creed iterate so eloquently. Read on at these links:



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You can reach me at kimberley@kimberleymulder.com. I’d love to hear from you! Thank you.