Living a Mary Life in a Martha World


Join me as we make space together to unwrap the gift of our lives. To each of us has been given a particular way of being and living, a true and sincere you. You are like no other. You are cherished by your Creator and he delights in you!

Whether you know these words as truth or struggle, I want you to encounter His delight in this space. He wishes to speak into your heart just as he has spoken into mine.

I have been on a journey for the last two years of turning from who I thought I should be to who God purposed me.

I have a Mary heart. But I live in a Martha world – a busy, practical world. So I thought I should be a Martha. There is nothing wrong with being a Martha – a practical, hospitable, giver and helper, but it is wrong when you were made to be a Mary.

When Martha asked Jesus to corral Mary into doing her duty He answered: “Mary has chosen what is better and I will not take it from her.” (Luke 10:42). Jesus has been inviting me to say no to my capitulating to the Martha world and choose what is better for me – to be the quiet, reflective, attentive spiritual person God made me. Maybe you sense the whispers in your heart to be impractical, to do things that many consider wasting time, to not produce but receive, to listen instead of talk. Join me then as I share the understandings that Jesus shares with me. Let’s listen together. Maybe you will discover a Mary heart within yourself.

I am choosing to share my story this way because a large part of my journey thus far has been stimulated by the stories of others and their unique experiences of God’s craftsmanship in their own personhood and particularities. I marvel at the myriad of persons God is shaping as He loves us in our own places and persons.

So thank you for choosing to be here, and I pray this space helps you through your choices so that you are able to sit at Jesus’ feet and be in his presence. As I share my story and reflections on this blog, I pray that God speaks into you your life, drawing you into your particular shape, where you can reside with Him in joy and gratitude. With the help of the Holy Spirit my postings are to be catalysts for your own experience which I encourage you to enter into and develop. This is not a place to live vicariously! I want you to live abundantly in the life Jesus has given you! There is no substitute for your own time spent in Jesus’ loving presence. If you have to choose between spending that time with Him or spending it reading what I have written, please choose to spend the time with Him.

I post weekly on my blog. You can receive the blog updates by email by signing up here. I will be adding book reviews and recommendations over the next year. I would love to hear your comments, ideas and how Jesus is working in your life. Thank you for joining me!