Soul Care Package – A New Monthly Offering

I’ve wanted for a long time to craft something that to send as a resource each month to those of who would like something a little different from the standard fare of study and prayer for your soul care. Over the summer I decided on a format that I hope will serve you well. I’m excited to finally unveil this monthly Soul Care Package! In the first-of-the-month email you will find four sections, titled Story, Practice, Beauty, and Prayer.

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Here’s some more details about what I’m including:

  • Story, because stories help us see ourselves, God, and others in revelatory ways. These will be short stories, vignettes to stir your imagination and consider things from a different position.
  • Practice, because habits form us. These will be things you can do and will invite engagement with your whole being as you find what best serves your soul connection with God. I will focus on one practice per month so that there’s time to experiment, discover, reflect, and refine. I encourage you to give these a sustained try because the experience will change from day to day. This alone will teach you much as you pay attention to the shifts and responses in you. Remember, too, that we are practicing, not perfecting!
  • Beauty, because “beauty hunting helps us pay attention.”* In a physical, contemplative way, beauty exerts welcome, drawing out wonder and worship from our battered embodied spirits. Beauty mediates healing, hope, joy, vulnerability, humility and so much more.
  • Prayer, because sometimes we need another’s words. There is such a wide expanse prayer practice, but here I will focus on a prayer that connects with the month’s focus that might give you words to work with. I’ve found that reading or speaking another’s prayers have deeply enriched my life with God and it is my hope that the same will happen for you.

And because books have had a significant effect on my discipleship, I finish off with a book or two that I’m reading and recommend.

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I hope that you experiment with these offerings to see what serves your soul, and that you discover and explore new things with God.



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