It is a wonder to me how God uses squiggles on paper to do his work in the hearts and minds of people.

Richard Foster

Discerning Whether to Push on or Not

I lay on the itchy carpet, my knee swiveled across my body and my arms splayed out to either side like a fallen cornstalk. A deep breath found the sharpness of a clenched back muscle and I shivered into the pain. “Feel the feeling.” My right eye trickled, the salt trail…
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Is self-care for Christians?

I cringed involuntarily. The yellow font proclaimed “Soul care is the new self-care!” I follow and frequently hashtag posts on IG with #soulcare, and I did not want it equated with self-care. Chagrined, I realized I still have embedded deeply in my body a wariness, even a rejection, of self-care.  I…
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Image by m63mueller from Pixabay

Meeting God in our Tension

I’m betting that somewhere in your body you feel tension—we all do in some way. I notice mine when the ache is pinching, or it’s hammering into my thoughts. Historically, I didn’t notice it until it couldn’t be ignored. But over the years I’ve learned to scan my body more regularly.…
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Hosting Your Spirit through Race, Faith and Identity Questions

As we finish observing Black History month, perhaps you want to keep doing the work of investigating how race has formed you and your faith. There are many important ways to do this, but I want to highlight the need for safe, hospitable relationships. As we attempt to become aware of…
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How to Find a Spiritual Director

You’ve learned something about spiritual direction and are curious to try it, but how do you find a spiritual director? What types of things are helpful to consider? Who do you talk to? If these are some of your questions, I hope to answer them here.
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Spiritual Direction and Discipling

As disciples of Christ, we desire to follow him in everything. At first glance, spiritual direction can seem less focused on reproducing Christ in me, and more on self-discovery or self-improvement. Let me put these fears to rest and show you how spiritual direction is a deeply helpful part of not…
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