Spiritual Formation Resources

Spiritual formation is a process. Our habits form us like the steady infusion of minerals through the harder exterior shell of a geode. The aching cavity inside will fill with something, layer by layer. Like geode formation, it goes on in the interior, hidden places, often without our knowing. But we are invited to notice, to look at what God sees, to join him in filling ourselves with things that will create the beauty he sees in us. And when we are opened, the beauty that has formed is breathtaking for all to marvel at.

There are others on this road with us, who have left for us their experiences, insights, stories, and thoughts. Turning to these resources is a significant way of cultivating a habit of growth. Take some time to investigate the offerings below and see what draws you to engage with.

Book Recommendations

Ancient and modern, writers have led and accompanied me significantly. Here are some of my favorites for you to read and grow with God.

Podcast Recommendations

From guided practices to interviews to teachings, podcasts are a great way to grow in God whether puttering around our chores, commuting or taking a walk.

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